Getting Schooled

Life has been one big learning lesson the past few weeks. My new Superstylin* gig as a fashion professor is going swimmingly. Prepping for class means poring over the latest runway shows in New York, London, Milan and Paris picking the most au courant and curating digital media for my presentations. Grading blogs and Pinterest boards is right up my alley. I couldn't have imagined a more perfect position for me at this point in my career.

My students, which I have dubbed the "fashion flock", are lovingly thought of as my fashion babies. I take my duties very seriously preparing them for the industry. Just like a corny mother, they grinned and beared it while I took pictures of them on our class field trip to Neiman Marcus and Barneys. To say I haven't learned anything throughout this process would be a lie. Throughout my research I am learning so much about my favorite designers and spreading the love to my class.

One of the biggest compliments received from a student of mine was when she said she thought of me while watching the fashion documentary Seamless. The student's mother bought the DVD and she was able to tell her mother about the Proenza Schouler designers which we covered in class. A smile came to my face (and heart). I am getting my job done making fashion happen at the collegiate level. Both students and teacher are getting schooled.

Totally Super Cools

The content Superstylin* gravitates towards and shares revolves around fashion, design and art. If you follow Superstylin* in the social media sphere, you are well aware of this. (If not, get on it people.) Therefore, it is with great pleasure Superstylin* announces its latest appointment as Ambassador for The Cools.

{Image via The Cools}

The Cools is an "online shop for design-conscious consumers" highlighting the categories of fashion, design and art. Users can shop for and sell new, used or vintage merchandise. The Cools community also shares inspiration with one another by posting images, videos and links to user profiles displaying one's "cool".


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