Urban Girl Scout

As I type this I am baking fruit and oatmeal bars and am about to start chopping veggies to make kebabs. Tomorrow I am embarking on a camping trip/engagement party. Please note: I have been camping before but showers and beaches were involved. This time around there is a river and outhouses (cleaned twice daily as noted by the bride-to-be). Since I am more of an urban girl scout, I needed to go shopping to prepare for the occasion. (In my own defense, I moved a few months ago and did a purging of my clothes. Shorts and tees were let go with the knowledge I would buy replacements when necessary.)  With my new river shoes (Think Keen-esque. Never Teva.) to protect my pedicure and outdoorsy wardrobe, I am heading to the great outdoors to hike, bask in the sun on rocks and float down a river. Wish me luck!

During all my preparations, I can't help but think of Troop Beverly Hills. Love this movie! When was the last time you thought of Giorgio?!