Superstylin* and Profilin*

Hello world! You are super and oh-so-stylin*.

Perhaps you are saying to yourself "another fashion blog?" I know- I am right there with you. How does one choose when there are so many flavas?  Well... I have a few ideas for my piece of the online world. First and foremost, let's get back to talking about the clothes themselves people- the colors, fabrics and silhouettes.  That's the editorial side of me coming out and the main reason I gravitate towards columns and blogs written by people established in the industry.  Many blogs these days feature the writers striking a pose in their daily wardrobe.  Granted, throughout my posts, you may come across photos of me and I will be wearing clothes but the focus won't be on the clothing I am wearing. Unless I am asked for an interview of some sort or by a beloved reader of mine of course;)  My hope is that my personal style and tastes will be revealed through my blog entries.  Trust that my writing will be thoughtful and filled with multiple outbursts of visual goodness, aural pleasure and comedic relief for good measure.

You may also be asking yourself "Why start writing a blog now?" There are multiple answers to this question:

1.) My heart will always lie in print since I spent time on the fashion frontline at an industry publication in fashion closets, calling in samples and pushing rolling racks of clothes. Working with an American ready-to-wear designer has allowed me the opportunity to explore new media (only a mere portion of my multifaceted job).  Just as much as I enjoy thumbing through a magazine, I love the quick fix of looking at fashion online. Why shouldn't I be a part of this ever-growing online fashion community?!

2.) I will always appreciate fashion on an artistic level but also know it is very much a business.  For years I have been engulfed in the business side of the fashion industry and it is no secret the economic climate has soured. The creation of Superstylin* stems from my personal need to remind myself fashion is, and should always be, fun.

The other day I was asked what my favorite collections were from NY Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2010.  I couldn't formulate an answer since I hadn't thoroughly reviewed the collections. Truth be told I was feeling overwhelmed by all the emails, links and tweets I was reading about the shows and needed to take a break.  (Future blog post: my review of S/S 2010 collections.)  Upon a quick glance, two items caught my eye and I immediately made them screensaver material.  The first is a gorgeous dress by Marchesa. The tiers, the volume, the detailing- oh my!  Perfect playing dress up material.  I would love to sport the Chris Benz top with multicolored paillettes, kimono sleeves and purple sash for a night out on the town. Sub in black slacks for the black shorts.

Thank you for stopping by Superstylin*! Stay tuned for more fashion and fun. xoxo

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