Songs Du Jour Courtesy of Sheila E.

Tonight I will be seeing song du jour artist Sheila E. perform at a cozy spot with one of my lifelong BFFs. Since I am getting pumped for the show, I wanted to share this morning's Superstylin* soundtrack. The following clips scream 1985 in a most glorious way. Sheila really played with her look that year. Please note the strong shoulders, ruffles and asymmetric hemline which are very now during the Amercian Music Awards performance. Don't you just love how fashion is cyclic? Sheila E. as love interest in Krush Groove is classic (not to mention Run DMC, Kurtis Blow, Fat Boys, New Edition and Beastie Boys as castmates).

PS- Points to anyone who can tell me what Blair Underwood's trick is for still lookin' so good.

SUPERSTYLIN* UPDATE: The show was super duper fun. Sheila looks absolutely A-MA-ZING. Outfit and shoe changes were a-plenty. Yours truly danced on stage with others from the crowd and I made sure to give her the biggest hug.