In It To Win It

2011 has been off to a BRILLIANT start. I've enjoyed an intimate gathering with loved ones and a day filled with champagne-infused dancing debauchery. My first fashion *swoon* of 2011 is courtesy of none other than my beloved Tom Tom Ford. Thank you for gifting my eyes with video of your upcoming women's collection (which yours truly has been coveting FOREVER).

Tom- you cad you. You had us all gasping for those first glimpses of the runway looks since the whole affair was under lock-and-(very controlled) key. Thank you for reminding us part of the fun about fashion is making it alluring and captivating. In a world where everything is increasingly becoming instant, and since fashion is currently undergoing democratization (not everyone is a fashion designer, editor or *icon* but that's a whole other blog post), I think the true artists in the industry are controlling their digital presence, as opposed to the renegade instant stylings of Twitpics and tweets by those on the perimeter. The fashion house's end product is more beautiful and higher in quality while the brand's message is not only loud and clear but intact. (Love how they filmed it as if it was a series of photographs.) Fashion houses are turning more and more to film. I love it.

As for blogging, I have a whole list of topics on deck for the new year featuring up-and-coming lines including international finds, product design and much much more! My current fascination is the shift in prominence from bloggers daily looks to fashion editors daily looks. As much as I love fashion being a form of self-expression and other fashion-lovers post their outfits on a daily basis, there is such thing as overkill. Many established fashion bloggers are increasingly becoming blatant advertisers while others are eschewing that angle and focusing on becoming more of a lifestyle brand. I say leave it to the professionals. *DISCLAIMER: I am biased and work in the fashion industry yet I blog- oh the irony:)* This year I am IN IT TO WIN IT. Stay tuned... xx

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