Fashion Forward

Greetings my super stylish friends! Today I write to you on the last day of 2009. Lates 2009! Don't let the door hit you on the arse on the way out. 2009 was event-filled and never without a dull moment. Definitely one of my more challenging years of life but I am growing and learning thanks to the past 365 days. Tomorrow I will turn to the new year, the first day of 2010, with my arms open wide to embrace the newness.

Fashion has gone through the ringer over the last 10 years and the first big blow dealt was 9/11.  The past decade had people paying triple digits for denim and now we are going through a painful 80s/90s fashion redux. What I will remember the most about the past 10 years is how accessible fashion became to the masses courtesy of the good ol' world wide web. Instead of comprising Best/Worst of the Year/Decade lists, I'd rather look towards the future and not dwell on the past. Superstylin* is fashion forward.

Bloggers are fashion's darlings... or are they? Everyone is an editor apparently these days but are bloggers really fashion's new power brokers? Scott Schuman's blog, The Sartorialist, has paved the way for bigger projects - a book of his photos and photographing Burberry's The Art of the Trench campaign. He may not be the originator of street style photography but he does have a great eye for la moda. The backlash is in full effect for Style Rookie blogger Tavi Gevinson. Not only has the 13-year-old written for Bazaar, she filmed the video for Rodarte's collection for Target. Many in the fashion industry are peeved that bloggers are getting projects many have worked years towards. Personally I read many blogs but my tastes are for professional editorial sites. So many blogs... so little time... I say leave it to the pros. Fashion is fickle. How long will the blogger/fashion brand love affair last? Dolce & Gabbana had several bloggers seated front-row at the Spring 2010 collections but will this continue for the next several seasons? Only time will tell.

Social networks have been going off for the past several years but the newer crop are fashion-based sites such as Closet Couture, StyleCaster, FashionAir, FabSugar/the Sugar Network, Chictopia, Polyvore... the list goes on. Many users are taking photographs showcasing their personal style and posting them online for some sort of affirmation: like/dislike, fashion do/fashion don't, etc. I am not understanding the need for mass verification of one's style. Have confidence in your looks people. Confidence is what true style is made of. I have profiles on several of the aforementioned sites but actually logging onto them is a rarity since I barely have time for my multiple personal email / work email/ FB/ Twitter/ work social networking accounts!  Thanks to Twitter and FB, I can follow several of the sites and click on their articles till my heart is content.  Extra points to the sites who deliver website summaries to my email inbox.

Aside from the fact the economy has taken a nosedive over the past few years, people are not shopping in-store as much due to the convenience of online shopping. E-commerce, m-commerce and mobile apps are changing the retail landscape. Pop-up shops are becoming a thing of the past. Will online sample sale sites follow suit over the next decade? My suggestion is this: From time-to-time go into the brick-and-mortar stores, feel the fabrics and try on clothes. Many returns of online purchases can be attributed to fit problems or simply the fact the item was different in the flesh compared to being viewed on a monitor or handheld device. Step away from your computer and embrace human interaction again folks. This is coming from a bona fide mallrat who loved shopping and hanging at the food court during my adolescent years. And I still do.  Disclaimer: I also champion shopping online since part of my job role is e-commerce. Who am I to judge: I just love shopping period.

The time has come for me to step away from the computer and step into the light of the new year. Plus I need to refill my champagne flute:) 2010 will signal the beginning of the return of the pant! Wearing drawers as a pant substitute is ti-red. Remember to leave your house with your pants on everybody. Tonight I salute you and your individual style. You wear it well.

Ten years ago I was living in New York and realizing fashion dreams of mine. Now I have new dreams and look forward to them being fulfilled. Champagne kisses and fashion dreams! xo