You Want Fame? Well Fame Costs.

"You want fame? ... Well, fame costs. And right here is where you start paying. With sweat."

Tonight is movie night at my place and this evening's selection is Fame. The 1980 version thank you very much. None of this remake crap they are trying to pass off with the same name. Maybe it is the same premise but a different movie deserves a different name. To quote my BFF Patchy: The O.G. version, not the High School Musical bullshit versionSorry, that was for Linda, her fiery Latina blood really boils about the remake.

In honor of tonight's showing, I will share two of my fave parts of the film. Growing up I watched this movie re-pea-ted-ly and dreamt of going to the High School of Performing Arts. Sweaty tights, blistered feet from toe shoes- the stuff this girl's dreams were made of.

PS- I am ignoring the fact that Debbie Allen decided to be in the remake.