Dance In Your Pants

Fresh off the heels of a season of So You Think You Can Dance (one of the best shows EVER) and a viewing of The Turning Point starring Shirley MacLaine, Anne Bancroft and (a very young) Mikhail Baryshnikov, I am high on dance. At a very young age I was twirling a baton and needed dance training. My lessons started at the age of three and I danced through college. Multiple days of the week, for hours and years on end, were spent in the studio and on stage.

I previously wrote about a new dance film featuring Rodarte-designed costumes entitled Black Swan. As a fan of Single White Female and dance movies, I am SO going to see this flick.

Since I'm on the topic of dance, the following are some of my favorite pieces I have seen recently:

* Alex and Twitch on SYTYCD: I was devastated when Alex was injured and could no longer compete. When I first saw this performance, I was jumping off the couch cheering out loud.

*NY Export: Opus Jazz: Jerome Robbins is a dance legend and to see his work danced with the streets of New York as the setting is beyond refreshing. The number danced on the High Line is one of my faves. (When in New York, definitely make time to go the the High Line. Such a great use of space and I am glad to know it is inspiring other cities to follow suit.)

* Quest crew on SYTYCD: Wow wow wow. The choreography with the music- so clever. Loved it.

Thank you Superstylin* readers for indulging me and allowing me to blow my wad about dance;) xo