AMAs Recap Sesh

Last night while watching the AMAs, I had problems processing what was happening before my eyes. All I could think was this is the state of music and fashion to the masses these days. The show was extremely theatrical. The performances were over the top and the fashion matched but why were many of the ladies (and Adam Laaaame-bert) trying so desperately hard?

I'm at a loss of words for the outfit Janet wore. We all have off nights I suppose. Why Shakira needed so many backup dancers, I haven't a clue. I look forward to the day when people start wearing pants again, as witnessed by the lack thereof on Fergie, Rhianna and GAG-a. Carrie Underwood and J Hellz-No were borderline pantless in their shorty shorts but thanks to additional fabric around their hips, they did not fall victim to the GAG-a syndrome. (Sidenote- One song that never EVER needed to be made: Louboutins.) Superstylin* shoutout to Whitney Houston! She has come a long way from her dark days as a crackhead. Who doesn't love a comeback.

{Photos courtesy of Getty Images and ABC}